Welcome to the new campaign for Berlin for visitors from the LGBTQI* community! Place2beBerlin is inviting you to see why Berlin is the ideal destination for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans*, inter-, and queer people. More than ever in these unprecedented times, the city offers just the right thing for those with slightly different standards: freedom, individuality, diversity, and the unique feeling that everyone here is a just a little bit queer.

Experience Berlin - queer highlights in September

"Some things exist today as they did yesterday.", the grande dame, Marlene Dietrich, once sang of her hometown Berlin. This still holds true today, because in these extraordinary times the capital city has had to come up with innovative ideas. Rio Reiser, David Bowie, Claire Waldoff, Audre Lorde, and countless other LGBTQI* stars and starlets once wrote history here. There are still a great number of creative people and cultural enthusiasts living in the city - they all shape the nightlife and create a unique culture that can ONLY be experienced here. A small selection of activities for a stimulating September holiday in Berlin includes

Queer neighbourhood tours

You can explore the famous district of Schöneberg on very special neighbourhood tours, guided by famous local drag queens from Berlin. They will escort you to historical sites intrinsic to the LGBTQI* scene, posing questions such as: “What do you think once happened in this bar?”, “ Where did Dietrich collapse at the bar?” Thus, the history of this city becomes accessible and tangible, which is rare for regular city tours. Explicitly lesbian district tours also form part of the itinerary.

Theatres with queer programmes

Theatres have long since started to spring back into action with unusual stage productions, for example the BKA theatre with "Kaiser & Plain", the Bar jeder Vernunft with Tim Fischer, the Komödie am Kurfürstendamm with Gayle Tufts, the Deutsches Theater with "Melissa kriegt alles". These (and many more) theatres are staging great plays and score highly with queer content. Please note: tickets must be pre-ordered and bought online now!

Exhibition at Berghain

Dancing is still not allowed in clubs. The world-famous Berghain has been transformed into an art space. From 9th September until the end of the year, the works of over 80 artists* will be on display here in the Boros Foundation's "Studio Berlin" exhibition.

International Literature Festival Berlin

From 9th – 19th September, the festival will take place at various locations in Berlin. There are many queer authors to discover, among others, the writers Zaia Alexander and Carmen Maria Machado.

More events in Berlin

Your extra queer ticket

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Vacations in the queer metropolis Berlin are still possible!

Hotels and pensions welcome guests, museums and galleries are open and present exciting exhibitions. Gastronomy is allowed to entertain guests inside and outside. Bars and pubs are up and running again. For queer visitors, the capital city is a great destination even during the crisis and the LGBTQI* scene offers a diverse program.

Nevertheless, strict hygiene regulations still apply everywhere. All important and current information about the Coronavirus can be found here. See you soon in Berlin!