One Day in Gay Berlin with Mavin Le Magass

Would you like to spend a day in Berlin like a local? No problem! Mavin Le Magass from Neukölln shares with you his best recommendations, from cafés to shopping and restaurants to bars!

A hub for queer PoCs in Berlin: Pop-up restaurant Rosa Caleta.

Rosa Caleta

The Jamaican pop-up restaurant, Rosa Caleta, also organises exciting events from time to time. A frequent visit to their website is definitely worthwhile. This is because Rosa Caleta is a hub for queer PoCs. You will definitely experience the spirit of the city here. If the term 'melting pot' hadn’t already been coined for New York, it would also be most fitting for Berlin and Rosa Caleta would be its epitome.

Rosa Caleta
Pop-Up an wechselnden Locations
Website of Rosa Caleta

Famous for its weekend brunch - and alternative charm: the "Café Morgenrot".

Café Morgenrot

Café Morgenrot on Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg is an institution. The almost legendary performer, Inge Borg, can also be spotted here. The café is famous for its vegan brunch, which is always available on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, the building in which the café is housed exudes the old-world charm of the post-reunification years.

Café Morgenrot
Kastanienallee 85, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
U Eberswalder Straße
Website of Café Morgenrot

A new queer bar in Prenzlauer Berg: "Tipsy Bear Berlin".

Tipsy Bear Berlin

The bar, Tipsy Bear Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg, is awesome. There are some cool people behind it who want to establish in Prenzlauer Berg the alternative atmosphere that many people associate with Kreuzberg. It's also an exclusively queer bar. This is very important because many queer bars in Prenzlauer Berg have had to close as a result of rising rents and ongoing gentrification. So, I'm only too happy when a new little bar opens up. The fabulous cocktails deserve high praise. There's always music on and I'm proud to have played there before!

Tipsy Bear Berlin
Eberswalder Straße 21, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
U Eberswalder Straße
Facebook page of Tipsy Bear Berlin

Kwia Berlin

Kwia is an audiophile listening bar. People who want to listen to music on the best speakers will feel right at home. There are also superb cocktails. I like this concept and the sheer diversity of it. Furthermore, the place is right on Maybachufer, on the Landwehrkanal. Everything is easy- going, it's a perfect venue for hanging out and chilling. After some parties, like the monthly Cocktail d'Amore, there's also an after-party. A good friend of mine has a small studio there. He and I produced two music videos for my project, Manhooker, at Berghain. As you can see, the place is a meeting point for many people.

Kwia Berlin
Maybachufer 16, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln
U Schönleinstraße
Instagram channel of Kwia Berlin

Buch Bund in Neukölln: Queer-friendly bookshop with a focus on

Buch Bund

The Buch Bund is a Polish bookshop in Neukölln. I am Afro-Polish and the Buch Bund reflects my Polish side. I always buy my Polish books there. If you don't speak Polish, that isn't an issue. The shop also stocks many English books. In general, the team has a flair for discovering new subject-matter. Furthermore, Buch Bund organises readings from time to time and invites interesting people. A look at the programme is therefore always recommended!

Buch Bund
Sanderstraße 8, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln
U Schönleinstraße
Website of Buch Bund

Mavin Le Magass in front of his shop in Neukölln.

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