In love with Berlin, the City of Romance

Despite its reputation for being a rough city, Berlin can be quite romantic. With dancing and music, being outdoors in nature, or standing gazing at the stars at the planetarium, the city makes lovers' hearts beat faster. Here are five ideas for insanely romantic dates that are not just for Valentine's Day.

Let your gaze wander together into infinite expanses: In the "Zeiss-Großplanetarium".


In the cult US sitcom 'Friends', Rachel and Ross have one of their first dates in a planetarium. The two kiss passionately under a dome of shining stars to Chris Isaak's song ‘Wicked Game’. Might that be something for you too? Then the 'Zeiss-Großplanetarium' in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg would be your destination. To celebrate Berlin's 750th anniversary, the planetarium was opened in October 1987 in one of the last prestigious buildings of the former GDR. Even from the outside, the building makes an arresting impression and at night, the dome is bathed in bright colours. Its 30-metre diameter creates an impressive projection surface for the varied (and often romantic) programmes. Here you’ll be able to take in the wonder of the vastness of the universe, be awed by the colourful mysticism of the northern lights or watch live recordings of the starry sky above Berlin. The planetarium also organises film screenings, concerts, and other events where for example, you’ll be able to listen to audio book recordings, all whilst gazing up at the night sky.

Prenzlauer Allee 80, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
S Prenzlauer Allee
Website of Zeiss-Großplanetarium

Pure relaxation: The "Vabali Spa Berlin".

Vabali Spa Berlin

Inspired by the Far East, the 'Vabali Spa' provides pure relaxation, spread over an area of 20,000 square metres. The many saunas boasting mild to hot temperatures, with their fragrant infusions, are guaranteed to work up a sweat. Afterwards, you can swim nude in the indoor and outdoor pools, free of the constraints of bathing suits. Afterwards, you can wrap yourself up in warm blankets in various relaxation rooms and read a little, or doze off gently. You could also snuggle up in front of a fireplace and watch the dancing flames. The Vabali Spa Berlin also offers massages, including for couples. The spa is open until midnight. The in-house restaurant provides delicious drinks and food.

Vabali Spa Berlin
Seydlitzstraße 6, 10557 Berlin-Mitte
S Hauptbahnhof
Website of Vabali Spa Berlin

Dancing at the Strandbar in Mitte

The setting of the 'Strandbar Mitte' could easily have come straight out of a romantic comedy. Here, very close to Monbijoupark and with the imposing façade of the Bodemuseum as a film-worthy backdrop, couples of all sexes, genders, and sexual orientations meet and dance in the evenings in the moonlight. What's on offer is versatile: visitors can sway their hips to the sounds of salsa, dance a tango cheek-to-cheek, or dance along the banks of the Spree to Swing. There is usually a small taster course at the beginning of the event. Even if you're not a dance fanatic, the atmosphere is worth a visit. Delicious drinks and food are also available. The area around Museum Island (Museumsinsel) is most conducive to a romantic stroll after the event. There are many restaurants and bars around Hackescher Markt to round off the evening.

Strandbar Mitte
Monbijoustraße 3B, 10117 Berlin-Mitte
S Hackescher Markt
Dance programme of the "Strandbar Mitte" via "Salsa and Tango"

You can explore "Little Venice" in the west of Berlin by canoe or rowing boat.

Paddle a Kayak through ‘Little Venice’ (Klein-Venedig)

Is Berlin a beautiful city? At the very least, the German capital is said to have a rather rough charm when one takes in the asphalt jungle at Alexanderplatz, for example. Berlin, however, can also be quite different. Take for instance the area around 'Little Venice' in Spandau, in the north-west of the city. Here you can paddle a kayak or canoe through small canals past densely overgrown reed banks, charming little houses, and water bird species of all kinds. If you are particularly ambitious, you could even go as far as Lake Tegel in the north or Lake Wannsee in the south. Italian Venice is considered the ultimate destination for lovers. When it comes to romance, Berlin's Little Venice is barely inferior to its southern European big sister - and it's not nearly as crowded.

13597 Berlin-Spandau
Bushaltestelle Pichelswerder
Mögliche Bootsverleihe:
Website von Berlin Piratas
Website von Der Bootsladen

On your wheels and go: "Rollerdisko" at "SO36".

Rollerdisko in SO36

For a romantic date, a 'roller disco', such as the one routinely organised by the club 'SO36' in Berlin-Kreuzberg, is practically ideal. Firstly, it's simply great fun to let yourself glide through the evening on skates. Secondly, roller-skating offers non-stop opportunities to flirt and get to know each other. For example, the more talented skater can help the less proficient and offer a shoulder to hold onto or nestle into. It is, however, a lot safer to speed along the track while holding hands. The shared joy of dancing to funk, hip-hop, and roller boogie makes the air sizzle. Those who feel insecure should arrive at SO36 a little earlier. At the beginning, there will be a small roller skate dance course for those attending.

Oranienstraße 190, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Kottbusser Tor
Website of SO36

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Words: Julian Beyer

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