These Berlin Fetish Events cater to every Desire

Of course, nobody in Berlin actually needs a special event in order to go out in leather, rubber, and sportswear, or to attend BDSM parties. However, we have to admit, when the community from all over Europe and even the world converges on the city, it's simply a lot more fun. Luckily, the Berlin fetish community organises fetish festivals at all times of the year - from 'Ostertreffen’ at Easter, to 'Snax United' in autumn.

"Folsom Europe" in September is probably the best-known fetish festival in the city.

Folsom Europe

‘Folsom Europe’ is also very well-known and always takes place in September. It's mainly gay leather fans who meet up there, but the event is also open to all other fetishists. For the very same reasons as the leather meeting: people come from everywhere, so you can easily meet other interesting people. With good interaction, full bars, and lots of parties - Folsom is just fun! (ps)

Folsom Europe
10 September 2022
U Nollendorfplatz and U Wittenbergplatz
Website of Folsom Europe

When summer is long gone, the fetish sex party "Snax United" takes place at the "Berghain" in autumn.

Snax United

Due to the fact that one 'Snax' party a year can never fully satisfy all cravings, the 'Lab' and 'Berghain' team always organises the 'Snax United' event in autumn at the same time. This event, which also takes place in both locations, is mainly aimed at lovers of sportswear in all its possible variations. (red)

Snax United
3 December 2022
Berghain/Lab.Oratory, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
S Ostbahnhof
Website of Lab.Oratory

Easter Berlin

In a way, it's not only the large fetish community that looks forward to the fetish Easter festival 'Ostertreffen’. The Easter event is also a kick-off for everyone else, as the summer season finally begins after a long winter. Of course, this will be celebrated in style. The many fetish bars and clubs work extra shifts during the 'Ostertreffen’ festival; friends from all over the world meet on the streets and enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine. The main celebrations take place at the numerous parties. One highlight is the official 'PiG Berlin' party (the name says it all). (red)

Easter Berlin
4 - 10 April 2023
U Nollendorfplatz and U Wittenbergplatz
Website of Easter Berlin


'Berghain' and 'Lab' already offer ample opportunities for debauched parties with a fetish focus every ordinary weekend. The whole process is amplified by the annual 'Snax' party. The otherwise closed doors between 'Lab' and 'Berghain' are opened on this occasion - and with them the portals of lust too. The ‘Snax’ event is only open to men and the dress code is 'Dirty & Fetish'. (red)

Zu Ostern
Berghain, Am Wrizener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
S Ostbahnhof
Website of Snax

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Words: Petra dos Santos (ps), Redaktion (red)

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