Queer and Gay Techno Parties in Berlin

Known for house and techno, Berlin's queer party scene is huge. DJ Electrosexual can help you with your party selection. He recommends ten of the best techno and electro parties. Among them are better-known and lesser-known events, some with a long history and some that are completely new. Here you can finally party again!


You like it freaky, a bit way out? Then ‘Golosa’ is the party for you! The important thing is to have a well-chosen selection of clientele on the door. However, by carefully selecting the guests, only people who know that a queer party awaits them here - and who come precisely for that reason - get in. In this way, the team creates a safe place for queers, gays, and trans people. The party also emphasises diversity in its choice of DJs, which I think is very important. There are often women and trans at the controls. There is music in two rooms. In one, the DJs play house music, in the other techno and acid. I like this variety very much. If I don't like one kind of music, I just switch to the other room!

Party series at ://about blank
Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
S Ostkreuz
Instagram channel of Golosa

Was already "sex positive" when other parties didn't even know what it was: Gegen Berlin

Gegen Berlin

Gegen is also a party fuelled by high-octane energy. This is probably due on the one hand to the very intense music: the DJs mainly play techno and dark techno. On the other hand, it is down to the style of the guests, who frequently wear leather and latex. The atmosphere is correspondingly erotic and sexually charged. What I like about ‘Gegen' is its inner diversity, which is facilitated by the many rooms of the 'KitKatClub' where the party usually takes place. In some of the rooms there are live shows that sometimes almost hypnotise me and captivate me to; and then to dance, I go to another room. It feels like there are several parties going on at the same time, but they are all connected.

Gegen Berlin
Party series at varying locations
Instagram channel of Gegen Berlin



Buttons has become one of the classics among gay and queer parties in Berlin - it feels like it's been around forever! The programme includes great house music, provided by very well-chosen DJs. The 'Buttons' crowd is really diverse and brings great energy to the club. In the summer of 2021, ‘Buttons’ celebrated in the ‘Club Ost’ in the concrete-dominated outdoor area. More recently, however, it has also reopened inside.

Party series at varying locations
Instagram page of Buttons

Cocktail d'Amore

The 'Cocktail d'Amore' hosts some of the most important and well-known gay and queer parties in Berlin. For more than ten years now, always on the first weekend of the month, many guests celebrate day and night, some of them travelling from all over Europe to do so. The party is really enjoyable, cheerful, and sexy and it has a positive, easy, and relaxed atmosphere. Of course, the good music contributes to this energy. Italo disco and house are played during the day. Towards the evening and into the night, the music becomes increasingly intense.

Cocktail d'Amore
Party series at varying locations
Instagram page of Cocktail d'Amore

The perfect start to the weekend: Chantal's House of Shame, always on Thursday

Chantals House of Shame

Every Thursday, 'Chantals House of Shame' assembles an extremely explosive mix of twinks, drags, and all sorts of other parts of the queer community. There are sometimes great live performances on stage, which remain indelibly etched on your memory! Naturally, the whole event is moderated by the legendary Chantal herself. If you haven't seen it, you haven't really been to Berlin - and you have to come back!

Chantals House of Shame
Revaler Straße 99, Berlin-Friedrichshain
S+U Warschauer Straße
Instagram channel of Chantals House of Shame

Horse Meat Disco

Is this Berlin in the 2020s or New York in the 1970s? At the 'Horse Meat Disco' you could certainly ask yourself this question. That’s because the 'Horse Meat Disco' with its intense disco music exudes as much energy as you could possibly imagine New York and its Poppers-infused dance floors in your wildest fantasies.

Horse Meat Disco
Party series at Prince Charles
Prinzenstraße 85F, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Horse Meat Disco Instagram channel

Bonus: Body Language

Unfortunately, there aren't many parties for lesbians and their gay and queer friends in Berlin. But one of the best is ‘Body Language’. The guests are mainly femmes, but also the queer community in general. Behind ‘Body Language’ is the DJ Stella Zekri. Stella mainly plays disco and nu disco. The great thing is that whenever Stella organises an event, you know beforehand that it's going to be really cool.

Body Language
Instagram channel Body Language

Electrosexual at QueerPort Festival

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