Fantastic hairdressing salons in Berlin for gays, lesbians, and queer people

Finding a hairdresser whose chair you would gladly sit in is often not that easy. If you have the additional fear of being discriminated against by the person wielding the scissors because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, you might even reach for the scissors yourself and, in the worst-case scenario, avoid the mirror for a few months. We have compiled a list of ten hairdressers and barbers so that no queer person in Berlin feels they have to walk around with a cap: queer people can feel welcomed and not judged at any of the following salons. They all cover the entire spectrum - from fresh buzz cuts to elaborate dye jobs.

Chic and cool: Viktor Leske’s Salon in Kreuzberg.

Viktor Leske Berlin

52,000 followers on Instagram are a clear indication, and the photos are proof, that Viktor Leske's salon creates really great hairstyles. There are two locations in Berlin where you can treat yourself to a haircut from the master and his team. Not only can you get a beautiful haircut here, but you can also do so in a most stylish ambience, as the salons were designed by the architect responsible for Berghain.

Viktor Leske Berlin
Joachimstraße 8, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
Metro station Rosenthaler Platz
Lausitzer Platz 1, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg,
Metro station Görlitzer Bahnhof
Viktor Leske Berlin' website
Viktor Leske Berlin's instagram

Queer, relaxed, and witty: the team at Zu den Schnittigen

Zu den Schnittigen

With the disclaimer 'straight-friendly hairdresser', the team around Eric, the founder and owner of the salon, flirts with the fact that heterosexual customers are also welcome in this queer place of hair makeovers. From haircuts and colouring to gallant up-dos, there is a wide range of services on offer for queer and straight people.

Zu den Schnittigen
Wichertstraße 7, 10439 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Train and metro station Schönhauser Allee
Zu den Schnittigen's website
Zu den Schnittigen's instagram

BUTCH C.U.T: A space created especially for butches, trans-mascs and non-binary people.


Twice a week, the doors at the community-building art project BUTCH C.U.T. are opened especially for non-binary and trans-masc customers. The whopping 5.0 rating on Facebook doesn't lie, as a haven of well-being has been created here, on a personal and intimate level.

Segitzdamm, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Metro station Kottbusser Tor
BUTCH C.U.T.'s Facebook
BUTCH C.U.T.'s instagram

International and very stylish: NeoBerlin Salon

NeoBerlin Salon

The NeoBerlin Salon is very international. The seven-strong team speaks a total of seven languages. The prices are a little higher, but you might even get the chance to sit in the chair of a stylist who has styled Naomi Campbell's hair. Morgan is a non-binary person working at NeoBerlin who recognises the importance of hairstyles for individuals and takes extra time and empathy for customers.

NeoBerlin Salon
Schönhauser Allee 42, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Metro station Eberswalder Straße
NeoBerlin Salon's website
NeuBerlin Salon' instagram

So Berlin, so Kreuzberg, so charming - the hairdressing salon Die Besten vom anderen Ufer

Die Besten vom anderen Ufer

For almost three decades now, the salon has been centred around Claus the Master in Berlin's Kreuzberg district. Anyone who appreciates a charming, kitsch aesthetic will get their money's worth with the art deco-meets-baroque furnishings. Here you’ll not only get a good haircut, but also a piece of Berlin history.

Die Besten vom anderen Ufer
Ohlauer Straße 40, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Metro station Kottbusser Tor
Die Besten vom anderen Ufer's website

Hair Sweet Hair

Just like in any good home, Hair Sweet Hair also has a ‘no judgement policy’. This lively and quirky feel-good oasis boasts two salons in Berlin's Neukölln district, and that's a good thing. The staff's expertise ranges from a modest fade to a wicked haircut that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Hair Sweet Hair
Herrfurthstraße 31, 12049 Berlin-Neukölln
Metro station Leinestraße
Fuldastraße 41, 12045 Berlin-Neukölln
Metro station Rathaus Neukölln
Hair Sweet Hair's website
Hair Sweet Hair's instagram

La BarBer Queer: from bold fades and gorgeous VoKuHiLas to cool, squeaky-bright hair colours

La BarBer Queer

La BarBer Queer

A barber shop can be a place of anxiety for a queer person. These spaces are usually very heterosexual-male orientated, which can lead to a certain discomfort, be it for gay men, enbies or butch lesbians. This is how La BarBer Queer came to be, a barber shop that opens its doors specifically, but not exclusively, to these customers and creates an inclusive barber shop experience. From bold fades to gorgeous VoKuHiLas (mullets) to cool, squeaky-bright hair colours, everyone who cares about beautifying their head of hair will get their money's worth here.

La BarBer Queer
Pannierstraße 56, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln
Metro station Hermannplatz
La BarBer Queer's website
La BarBer Queer's instagram

An expert: Mathias Paulick

Mathias Paulick

I recently met a mate who has always sported a bald head as he was ashamed of his thinning hair and suddenly, he was wearing his hair longer. I surmised a first round of hair plugs, but he just shook his head with a smile and referred me to this salon. There is an absolute specialist who knows exactly how to cut hair to make it look thicker. If that's not a perfect pitch, then the Google reviews are also unanimous: here you are seen and also have time and care taken over your haircut.

Mathias Paulick
Gleimstraße 9, 13355 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Train and metro station Schönhauser Allee
Mathias Paulick's website
Mathias Paulick's instagram

Swag Hair Studio

‘For all bad-assess and style-chicks’ - this is how the Swag Hair Studio team advertises themselves on their Instagram channel, describing what the photos show. This way, you'll be able to get a clear idea of the team's skills from the before and after images and you will most probably have an appointment booked after just a few minutes of scrolling.

Swag Hair Studio
Winsstraße 17, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Tram station Hufelandstraße (M4)
Swag Hair Studio's instagram

Hip and super chilled at once: CoBarbers with Kerr Sutherland

CoBarbers Studios

One of the hippest places in Berlin, St. Oberholz in Mitte is also home to one of the coolest barber shops in the city. This quiet place on the second floor is open to all genders. The gaze of other customers can sometimes be off-putting, especially for (gender-)queer people. If you prefer to have a haircut as a couple, CoBarbers has the space for that too.

CoBarbers Studios
Rosenthaler Straße 72A, Berlin-Mitte
Metro station Rosenthaler Platz
CoBarbers Studios' website
CoBarbers Studios' instagram

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Words: Julian Beyer

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