These gay, lesbian, and queer city tours are out there in Berlin!

Berlin has a reputation of being one of the major queer metropolises in the world and countless LGBTQ+ travellers come here every year to immerse into the local scene. Of course, there are numerous paths that lead you directly into the infamous nightlife. But if you want to linger a bit longer and actually learn how Berlin became the queer-friendly city that it is today, you might want to take one of the following guided tours that will teach you about the queer history of the city.

The Queer Berlin History Walking Tour conveys queer city history, here at the monument to the homosexuals persecuted under National Socialism in the Tiergarten.

Queer Berlin History Walking Tour

This is the most popular queer walking tour of Berlin and most likely also the longest one as it goes up to 3.5 to 4 hours. It includes all the major queer landmarks with many stories of Berlin's queer history and its queer icons. You can take part in the tour every 3rd Saturday of the month from April.

Queer Berlin History Walking Tour
Offered by Berlin Walks
Website of Berlin Walk’s Queer Berlin History Walking Tour

City guide Tobias Schwabe focuses on the history of Schöneberg, the historical heart of the queer scene.

Out in Schöneberg

This tour focuses on the area of Schöneberg which is historically the centre of Berlin’s queer community. With its 2.5 hours, guide Tobias Schwabe goes into the details about the history of the district and includes many aspects of its’ nightlife. This tour can be booked almost daily from 2 participants up.

Out in Schöneberg
Offered by Sonderweg Berlin
Website of Sonderweg Berlin’s Out in Schöneberg Tour

The tour "Berlin's History of Sex" includes augmented reality elements.

Berlin's History of Sex

This is probably one of the most exciting tours we have right now in Berlin and it's not only interesting to queer people. It looks at the history of the city through the lens of sex and sexuality. You'll learn more about the world's first institute for sexual science, the LGBTQI* movement, nudist culture, sex work, the AIDS crisis, kinks, and fetishes and, of course, Berlin’s infamous nightlife. As a special bonus the experience will also incorporate augmented reality elements so you can lay eyes on some places that no longer exist.

Berlin’s History of Sex
Offered by Berlin Guide
Website of Berlin Guide

City guide Brendan Nash shows you the Roaring Twenties in Christopher Isherwood's neighbourhood.

Christopher Isherwood's Neighbourhood: The Cabaret Tour

The author Christopher Isherwood really left his mark in Berlin which is why there is an entire tour dedicated to his legacy and specifically his neighbourhood that he was living in: Schöneberg which is historically the queer centre of Berlin. But this tour also shines a light on the cabaret scene of the city that started in the Golden Twenties. The tours usually start on Saturday mornings but can also be arranged for other days.

Christopher Isherwood's Neighbourhood: The Cabaret Tour
Offered by Brendan Nash
Website of Christopher Isherwood's Neighbourhood: The Cabaret Tour


The LGBTIQ Berlin tour focuses on the district of Schöneberg but branches out to the start of Berlin's biggest shopping street, Kurfürstendamm, with a little stop in the iconic gourmet section of Berlin's most famous shopping mall: the Kaufhaus des Westens, or KaDeWe. Sounds like you will definitely experience the rest of the tour with a filled belly!

Offered by Finn Ballard
Website of Finn Ballard Tours

Cycling through the city (here through the queer rainbow neighbourhood) with Doggy Bag Tours.

Berlin Gay Culture Bike Tour

For those of you who would rather take the bike than walk we also have a suitable tour for you in our list. The Gay Culture Tour takes you through the city by bike past some of the major landmarks and tells you stories of Berlin's queer history and LGBTQI* culture of today. The 3-hour tour can be booked almost daily with a minimum of 3 participants.

Berlin Gay Culture Bike Tour
Offered by Doggy Bag Tours
Website of Doggy Bag Tours’ Berlin Gay Culture Bike Tour

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Words: Frank Schröder

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