The best gay fetish bars in Berlin

If you wander through Berlin over Easter for ‘Easter Berlin’ or in September for ‘Folsom Europe’, you'll be amazed at what there is to discover. Everywhere you look you'll see (mostly gay) Leather guys, Rubber guys, Puppies, and Sportswear fans. Aside from these fetish festivals, no one in Berlin needs to hide their desires. There are several bars, in the queer rainbow district in Schöneberg in particular, that cater to the fetish-friendly crowd.

Actually, the "Prinzknecht" is a popular neighbourhood pub, but at the big fetish events it is firmly in the hands of leather guys and latex men.


If you want to meet a few friends for a beer or a drink in the evening, before heading to the clubs, then 'Prinzknecht' is the place to be. This is somewhere where you can regularly meet up with all kinds of people. The pub is firmly in the hands of men who are seriously into fetish, and particularly so at major events. 'Prinzknecht' is a colourful mix, reflecting the openness of Schöneberg's community. In good weather, beer benches in front of the bar encourage people to see and be seen. Inside, a huge oval bar dominates the "Prinzknecht". It offers plenty of space for flirting and interesting acquaintances. (By the way, here you can find bars in Schöneberg that are not necessarily aimed at a fetish audience.) (fs)

Fuggerstraße 33, 10777 Berlin-Schöneberg
U Wittenbergplatz
Website of Prinzknecht

Famous for the basement converted into a darkroom: "Tom's Bar".

Tom's Bar

‘Tom's Bar’ is ideal for exploring Berlin's gay fetish world. You can visit the bar in everyday clothes without any problems. Fetish is not a must, but it is most welcome. It's easy to strike up a conversation at the long counter. If you're in the mood - perhaps inspired by the porn that's screened everywhere - you can indulge your every desire, as the basement has been converted into a darkroom. 'Tom's Bar' also boasts a long history in the neighbourhood. One anecdote centres around an event that took place in the mid-1980s. When the US Military Police raided the bar unexpectedly, the bartender quickly hid the US soldiers in the cellar. Had they been caught in a gay bar, for many, it would have meant the end of their careers. (jm)

Tom's Bar
Motzstraße 19, 10777 Berlin-Schöneberg
U Nollendorfplatz
Website of Tom's Bar

A classic cruising bar and popular meeting place for the fetish community: Mutschmanns.


Recently, one of the city's most popular fetish bars, 'Mutschmanns', relocated. Luckily, you don't have to search too hard to find the new location in Motzstraße, as it is just around the corner from the old location. 'Mutschmanns' is a classic kinky cruising bar and it’s a well-known meeting place for gay, bisexual, and queer men who don their fetish outfits – ranging from Leather Daddies, Rubber Bunnies to Sportswear freaks. There are different events on offer; the website and Facebook page provide all the details. You shouldn't miss Mutschmanns during big fetish events like ‘Easter Berlin’ at Easter and ‘Folsom Europe’ every September, when the whole community meets there at some point in the evening. (jm)

Motzstraße 30, 10777 Berlin-Schöneberg
U Nollendorfplatz
Website of Mutschmanns'

Bar in the front, darkroom in the back - and lots of action: The "New Action".

New Action

'New Action' is easily recognisable by its intimidating logo on the wall namely, that of a harnessed man, complete with equestrian bridle and bit, being led by the reins. The men- only Fetish bar has a strict dress code that varies depending on the evening. Current information can be found on the website. At the front, 'New Action' consists of a bar with a counter and a few tables. Further back, however, there is a labyrinthine darkroom. Unlike many other bars with a darkroom, this is found not in the basement but on the same floor as the bar. As a result, the bar and darkroom merge more seamlessly than in other places - which is definitely good for the action! (jm)

New Action
Kleiststraße 35, 10787 Berlin-Schöneberg
U Nollendorfplatz
Website of New Action

The "Scheune", the most traditional fetish venue in Berlin.


The 'Scheune' on Motzstraße in Schöneberg has several special features and one problem, which is easily defined: the word 'Scheune' (barn) is used so often on the internet that it is easier to find information about restaurants with this name, rather than that regarding this fetish bar. In addition, the Scheune is proud to be the most traditional venue of its kind in Schöneberg. The 'Berliner Leder und Fetisch e.V.' (Berlin Leather and Fetish Association) routinely meets here, so it's no surprise that the Scheune is one of the places for those men who definitely prefer it a little rougher. On some evenings, special dress codes apply. Sometimes men in leather are admitted, other times in latex, sometimes Skins and Punks - and now and then everyone together. (fs)

U Nollendorfplatz
Motzstraße 25, 10777 Berlin-Schöneberg
Website of Scheune

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