Fetish clubs, parties, and events in Berlin for FLINTA*s

At the big public fetish events like the 'Ostertreffen' or the 'Folsom Europe' in September, you might notice mostly gay men. But the fetish scene for FLINTA*s (women, lesbians, intersexual, non-binary, trans and agender people) is also very lively in Berlin. Several parties, clubs and events are geared towards FLINTA*s.

Many consider the "Kit Kat Club" to be the most open club in the city.

Kit Kat Club

No Berlin fetish list is complete without the “Kit Kat Club”. Among us self-proclaimed "perverts" of all kinds, the "Kit Kat" is extremely popular thanks to its completely permissive mood and atmosphere. Many consider it the most open club in town anyway. It's "come as you are", as long as it's about fetish. Straight, lesbian, gay, and everyone else meets up there. If you're really into hedonistic partying, this is the place to be! (ps)

Kit Kat Club
Köpenicker Straße 76/Brückenstraße 1, 10179 Berlin-Mitte
U Heinrich-Heine-Straße
Website of Kit Kat Club

Events such as "Damenwahl" (Ladies' Choice) and "Honey & Spice" are especially tailored to FLINTA*s in the "Quälgeist".


For fetish designer and leather tailor Petra dos Santos, the "Quälgeist" is her favourite club. The "Quälgeist" used to be located on Mehringdamm in Berlin-Kreuzberg, but has since moved to Berlin-Mariendorf, just outside the S-Bahn ring. The programme includes a wide variety of events: For FLINTA*s, "Damenwahl" (Ladies' Choice) and "Honey & Spice" are among the most interesting. However, the programme includes a wide variety of events such as evenings for men only or for women only, mixed evenings, and events for couples. There really is something for everyone. The new location is very nicely furnished, with lots of play opportunities. The “Quälgeist” remains a place operated by great people, where everyone can feel safe and in good hands. (ps)

Lankwitzer Straße 43/43, 12107 Berlin-Mariendorf
U Alt-Mariendorf
Website of Quälgeist

Other Nature

In a way, “Other Nature” is the flagship of the queer-feminist scene in Berlin. This is because it is an alternative, vegan, and environmentally-friendly sex shop for all genders. The shop sells high-quality, ecologically sound sex products and toys, in contrast to the usual mass-produced merchandise. If you want to see why and how sex and activism have always been intertwined in Berlin, you shouldn’t miss “Other Nature!” (jm)

Other Nature
Mehringdamm 79, 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Between U Mehringdamm and U Platz der Luftbrücke
Website of Other Nature

Laura Méritt organises one of the most important queer venues in Berlin with the "Sexclusivitäten".


Without 'Sexclusivitäten', Berlin would undoubtedly be missing one of the most important queer centres. That’s because 'Sexclusivitäten' is not only a sex shop with selected products that can imaginatively enrich your love life. The organiser, Dr. Laura Méritt, also organises a salon on Fridays, routinely screens films, and organises events. And if all that weren't enough, she organises workshops like 'Pussy Massage' and 'The Laughing Pelvis' and she is also the power behind the 'Ficknick' in the Tiergarten, a cruising event for FLINTA*s. (You can find more info here). (red)

Information on the various events online
Website of Sexclusivitäten

Club Culture Houze

While many Berlin sex clubs are aimed at gay men, the choice for FLINTA*s is somewhat more limited. One glorious exception is Club Culture Houze at Görlitzer Park in Berlin-Kreuzberg. There are routinely events on the programme that are primarily aimed at FLINTA*s, including the party 'Kinky LUST - FLINTA*+' or the 'FLI*T*chen'. More information and the current calendar of events are available online. (jv)

Club Culture Houze
Görlitzer Straße 71, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Görlitzer Bahnhof
Website of Club Culture Houze

In her studio, Petra dos Santos designs and produces leather toys and custom-made items for FLINTA*s and other customers.

dos santos Lederatelier

Petra dos Santos is a Berlin fetish designer and leather tailor. In the 'dos santos Lederatelier' she also fulfils unusual and customized requirements. To make an appointment or visit the showroom, simply get in touch by phone or e-mail. In the Place2be podcast, Petra dos Santos reports on her experiences in the fetish capital, Berlin.

dos santos Lederatelier
Mehringdamm 119, 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Phone: +49 (0)30-505 999 19
E-mail: kontakt@petradossantos.de
Website of dos santos Lederatelier

German Fetish Ball

The “German Fetish Ball” is primarily aimed at heterosexuals but is also open to non-heterosexuals. As with all events of this kind, the aim is to meet people who have the same interests, that is, people like us, who are different and special. The ball is guaranteed to be exciting, as there are always thousands of guests. In addition to the ball itself, there are several shows, a party with several dance floors, a fetish fair, and other events such as a kinky brunch. (ps)

German Fetish Ball
17.-21. May 2023
Find more details online
Website des German Fetish Ball

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Words: Jeff Mannes (jm), Petra dos Santos (ps), Julia Vorkefeld (jv), Redaktion (red)

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