Cruising and Sex-positive Parties for FLINTA*s

Cruising is a core part of queer life in Berlin and holds true for the FLINTA* community as well. You can go out on the prowl and especially so at certain parties. FLINTA*s often share these events with the gay community, sometimes with heterosexuals too. But there are also some meeting places in open air, especially in summer.

In Tiergarten, Berlin's most famous park, FLINTA*s meet twice a month during the summer for a "picnic" at the statue "Amazone on horseback".

The Ficknick in Tiergarten

The Tiergarten is one of Berlin's largest and most beautiful parks. Monuments and statues can be found everywhere. Among them, an 'Amazon on Horseback', near the Straße des 17. Juni and directly opposite the 'Venusbassin'. Could there be a better cruising point for FLINTA*s? The best chances are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month in summer, around sunset. The organisers are the team from the ‘Sexclusivitäten’ Salon, the centre for female* sexuality in Berlin. The organisers ask you to bring snacks, drinks and of course, your favourite dildo.

„Ficknick“ in Tiergarten, at the statue "Amazone on horseback"
During the summer on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, at sunset.
Opposite the Venus Basin, Berlin-Tiergarten
S + U Brandenburger Tor
Webseite of Ficknick

Twisted and enchanted: Hasenheide, between Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

Cruising in Volkspark Hasenheide and at Tuntenwiese in Tiergarten

Both the 'Tuntenwiese' (Gay Lawn) in Tiergarten and the Hasenheide Park between Kreuzberg and Neukölln are well-known cruising spots, especially in the gay community. Recently, however, more and more FLINTA*s have been mingling with the guys. So, if you don't mind sharing the space with gay men*, you can also have fun there. It's best to make an appointment with your sex date directly at the exact location, or organise yourselves in a group. And if you don't mind dudes sexually, you might also find what you're looking for among the boys. (By the way, you can find cruising tips especially for gay men here.) The 'Tuntenwiese' in the Tiergarten is not far from the Große Stern and Hofjägerallee and is considered the most frequented cruising spot in Berlin. Hasenheide is a park near Hermannplatz on the border of Berlin-Neukölln and Berlin-Kreuzberg and a popular spot among queers for partying and cruising. The park is large and densely overgrown, there are many places to retreat for a little interlude. However, the police sometimes keep a close eye on Hasenheide, so be careful!

In Tiergarten near Großer Stern and Hofjägerallee
S Tiergarten

Near the Rixdorfer Höhe
Between Berlin-Neukölln and Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Hermannplatz oder U Südstern

The sex-positive party "Gegen Berlin".

Gegen Berlin

Once a month, Berlin's queer and sex-positive community celebrates the party "Gegen Berlin". It is hosted alternately by Berlin's best-known fetish club, the "KitKatClub" in Berlin-Mitte, and the "RSO", the "Revier Südost" in Berlin-Schöneweide. On this occasion, a diverse crowd hangs out here without having to follow an overly strict dress code. The vibe is relaxed and the crowds dance to techno. As an ambitious cruiser, you can quickly strike up a conversation at the 'Kitkat' pool. 'Gegen' attracts a relatively large number of FLINTA*s, but also some curious straight people. So, the chances are good you'll meet an interesting person, although as always: everything can happen, but nothing has to, necessarily.

Gegen Berlin
Party series at varying locations
Instagram channel of Gegen Berlin

Sex-positive atmosphere also beyond gay sexuality: The "Lecken" party.


The queer party series 'Lecken' routinely changes locations and can sometimes be found at 'Untertage' on Mehringdamm in Berlin-Kreuzberg, sometimes at 'ÆDEN' in Berlin-Kreuzberg and every now and then in Berlin-Friedrichshain. It also takes place sometimes at 'Salon zur Wilden Renate', or at 'Club Ost'. The rave collective announces where the next party will take place on their website or Instagram channel. At their events, which they organise on average every two months, the organisers aim to create a sex-positive atmosphere that deliberately does not focus exclusively on gay sexuality. Instead, they have created a queer, inclusive space that is open to all identities. Musically, 'Lecken' has high standards and relies on a diverse line-up. The selected clubs are always cool and the cruising areas really invite you to do just that. Recommended for FLINTA*s!

Party series at varying locations
Website of Lecken
Instagram channel of Lecken

Queer, sex-positive and at home in ":// about blank": The "Polymotion".


'Polymotion' is a queer sex-positive after-hours party that takes place in '://about blank', a left-wing alternative techno club. Like the 'Lecken' parties, this one also claims to be inclusive and to cater for all genders and identities. Most of the DJs are FLINTA*s because the organisers want to support FLINTA* DJs. Especially in the warmer seasons, the garden of the 'blank' is an inviting place for relaxed connecting and cruising. Inside, it's sufficiently dark and sprawling - perfect for a relaxed sexual encounter. Unfortunately, the party only takes place at irregular intervals. So, keep an eye on the announcements on social media platforms.

At ://about blank, Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
S Ostkreuz
Facebook page of Polymotion
Instagram channel of Polymotion

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Words: Julia Vorkefeld

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