Five unique Spätis in Berlin

Yes, we do admit that other cities have 7-Eleven shops, kiosks, off-licences, corner shops, and petrol stations. However, Berlin has the unique corner shop/off-licence - affectionately known as the 'Späti'. Here you can buy alcohol around the clock, a few snacks, or condoms for a spontaneous date. However, Spätis are more than just 24-hour shops. They are a way of life in this city. Most Berliners have a regular Späti, where they have long been on a first-name basis with the people behind the counter. Although most Spätis resemble one another, some manage to be surprising and special and others because they have been in business for a long time. In addition, there are Spätis that are new and refreshingly different. The shops on this list definitely have a genuine Späti vibe!

Beer, snacks and chilled wine, ready poured in the glass: "Motzki" in Schöneberg.


In the queer rainbow district of Schöneberg there are, of course, a number of Spätis too. Probably the nicest and most popular is 'Motzki' on Motzstraße, the gayest street in Berlin. Thanks to in- and outdoor seating, 'Motzki' aims to get you to linger all year round. This remarkably tidy Späti feels almost refined. There is far more on offer than just beer and tobacco. Besides local specialities, you can even purchase wine by the glass in the fridge. Cheers!

Motzstraße 22, 10777 Berlin-Schöneberg
U Nollendorfplatz

Drink replenishment with a sailor's ambience: "Admiralskiosk" in Kreuzberg.


One of the best leisure activities in Berlin is, without question, 'Landwehrkanal and Chill' - which means nothing other than hanging out with friends or dates on the Admiralbrücke (bridge) or on the banks of the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg. This, of course, invariably involves a cold drink. The nearest Späti is the 'Admiralskiosk', which is able to provide you with whatever you might need in the way of refreshments. However, the wide range of beers and soft drinks is only one of many appealing aspects. The quaint sailor ambience is likely to put a smile on your face.

Grimmstraße 29, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Kottbusser Tor


Are you looking for an unusual Späti that not only breaks all the rules, but also exceeds your expectations? If so, head to the 'Neuköllner_innen' on the corner of Weichselstraße and Donaustraße in Berlin-Neukölln. If you're looking for beer and Jägermeister, you'll be disappointed, because the house speciality is American cornflakes, which you won't find anywhere else in Germany. You can also buy international sodas, soft drinks, and sweets there. The wide range on offer ensures that the shop is both original and super colourful. The owners are also really queer-friendly. The shop is also reputed to be a gathering point for famous German rappers.

Weichselstraße 66, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln
U Rathaus Neukölln
Instagram channel of Neuköllner_innen

Drink Drunk

Only a few Spätis have their own open-air seating area and even fewer boast a party vibe. 'Drink Drunk' on Schlesische Straße in Berlin-Kreuzberg is the exception to both rules and that's precisely why it's so popular. Surrounded by numerous bistros, bars, and restaurants, this Späti is located in the vicinity of a very popular party and nightlife area. Accordingly, there is a lot of pre-, intermediate- and post-alcohol consumption here. The extensive beer selection meets all these requirements. The discerning public is able to enjoy the many different types of craft beer on offer.

Drink Drunk
Schlesische Str. 1, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Schlesisches Tor

This Späti could even be a place for dates: "Spätkauf Choriner Straße".

Spätkauf Choriner Straße

The name doesn't give much away, but you can take it from us: the 'Späti' on the corner of Choriner Straße and Zionskirchstraße is really a special address. The quaint, nostalgic charm of this place, right on the border between Berlin-Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, attracts a large neighbourhood crowd. They are happy to sip not only a beer but also an aperitif on the chairs in front of the Späti. Thanks to its special flair, this Späti is perfect for surprising a date!

Spätkauf Choriner Straße
Choriner Straße 12, 10119 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
U Rosenthaler Platz

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Words: Frank Schröder

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