Throughout the Night: Things queer Night Owls can do in Berlin

Berlin really thrives at night. When the sun goes down, Berlin shows its most exciting and interesting sides, and that doesn't just include queer club life. Five ideas for unforgettable nights, from just after sunset until dawn.

Every Monday there are great queer films at "Mongay" in the "Kino International".

After sundown: ‘MonGay’ in Kino International

Every Monday evening, 'Kino International' in Berlin-Mitte organises a great LGBTQI cinema programme under the title 'MonGay'. Sometimes the cinema shows queer classics, as well as brand new productions that deal with the life of the queer community in Germany, and elsewhere. The cinema itself is also worth a visit, as it is housed in a magnificent socialist-modernism building, an architectural style which was very popular in the then-GDR . (Here you can find information about queer film festivals in Berlin.)

MonGay in Kino International
Karl-Marx-Allee 33, 10178 Berlin-Mitte
S+U Alexanderplatz
Website of MonGay

"Open Decks & Table Tennis" is offered at the "Humboldthain Club".

In the evening: ‘Open Decks & Tischtennis’ at Humboldthain Club

Table tennis has become a sport trend in recent years. No wonder, because all you need is a bat, a ball, a table, and at least one other person. A game is always especially fun on Tuesdays at 'Open Decks & Tischtennis' in the 'Humboldthain Club'. Young DJs provide the perfect musical accompaniment for half an hour. If you don't just want to play table tennis, but also fancy your hand at DJ-ing, it's worth coming early. A total of 18 slots are available each evening. (For more information on sports and activities in Berlin, click here!)

Open Decks and Table Tennis at Humboldthain Club
Tuesdays from 18:00
Hochstraße 36, 13357 Berlin-Wedding
S Humboldthain
Website of Humboldthain Club

Dance through the night at the "SchwuZ".

Midnight: Party at SchwuZ

Being a night owl often includes having a buzzing nightlife. Berlin is known for its excellent party scene. One of the queer club bastions is 'SchwuZ'. Since 2013, after several moves, 'SchwuZ' is now located in the Rollberg neighbourhood of Neukölln and presents a diverse range of parties. There is something for every musical taste and the organisers place great emphasis on providing a diverse line-up and clientele. The three dance floors of the former Kindl brewery also offer different styles of music each night and at certain parties you can get to know each other better in the darkroom. (Click here for more clubbing recommendations!)

Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln
U Rathaus Neukölln
Website of SchwuZ

The well-known Berlin DJ İpek İpekçioğlu in front of the cult bar "Roses" in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Late night: off to Roses

A visit to 'Roses' is always a good idea - especially when other pubs have long since closed their doors. The trashy-cult pub in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg is so small and cosy that you would have to try hard not to get too close to one another. The fluffy pink decor also contributes to the atmosphere. The decor is to be understood quite literally, as the walls are actually covered in fluff! The bar consists of two parts: in the front, drinks are served, while in the back there's dancing from time to time. The fact that the atmosphere here is sometimes a bit rough shouldn't bother you: it's just Berlin! (Ideas for more gay pub nights can be found here.)

Oranienstraße 187, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Kottbusser Tor

After the night is before the morning: breakfast at the "Benedict".

At sunrise: breakfast at Benedict

Even the most active night owl needs sustenance at some point. After a night of drinking, the appetite for a hearty breakfast can become almost overwhelming. Time then to head off for the most important meal of the day, which you’ll heartily enjoy. The ideal place for this is the 'Benedict' café. The doors open conveniently at 8am. This café is very popular among queer people - not only because of the attractive waiting staff - but also because Benedict hosts a diverse crowd. You can sit both in- or outdoors, reflect on the night, and bite into hearty breakfast burgers, or sweet and fruity pancakes. (Here are more recommendations for cafés and brunch places.)

Uhlandstraße 49, 10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
U Uhlandstraße
Website of Benedict

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Words: Julian Beyer

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