Singer-songwriter Wilhelmine guides you through her lesbian Berlin

Singer-songwriter Wilhelmine was born in Berlin. Here she reveals which places in the two queer districts, Kreuzberg and Schöneberg, she would recommend to

Wilhelmine visiting in the Prinzenbad outdoor pool in Kreuzberg.

Adding a queer touch to summer at Prinzenbad

When I was a child, I lived in Kreuzberg and learned to swim in the Prinzenbad, where I also did my first laps. That's why it has so many personal memories for me. In the last few years, the Prinzenbad has also clearly positioned itself as a queer venue. In the heart of Kreuzberg, the 'Queer Summer Splash' takes place there. Normally it's a cheerful, queer summer party, that is to say, in years without a pandemic. The baths are also queer-friendly in other ways and welcomes everyone.

Prinzenstraße 113, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Prinzenstraße
Prinzenbad website

Wilhelmine on Admiralbrücke. In the evening, the bridge becomes a popular meeting place for musicians.

Listening to street musicians on Admiralbrücke

Admiralbrücke is only about 300 metres away from the house where I used to live, and not far from the Prinzenbad. Back then, as a child, I thought it was lovely to watch the swans from there. And now I like to meet up with friends who are visiting Berlin. It's especially nice to stand there on the bridge on warm summer nights with a drink in your hand, while the musicians play. The atmosphere is really electrifying.

Admiralstraße, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Kottbusser Tor

A popular queer and alternative meeting place in Kreuzberg: the bar "Möbel Olfe".

Meet beautiful and exciting women at Möbel Olfe

You'll never meet as many beautiful flintas* / women as you do on a Tuesday evening at Möbel Olfe in Berlin! There you can feel the queer heartbeat of the city. Friends meet up and have drinks. Although it was a bit more difficult than usual during the pandemic, it's also a good place to meet new people! For queer Flintas* - queer people in general - Möbel Olfe is therefore one of the most important networking spots.

Möbel Olfe
Reichenberger Straße 177, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Kottbusser Gate
Möbel Olfe website

Enjoying city life at Südblock

Südblock sits on Kottbusser Tor as naturally as only a Berlin native can, in the midst of all the pulsating life and diversity there. At Kottbusser Tor, people of different origins, and from different faiths meet up. Südblock is also open to a queer clientele and simply welcomes everyone.

Admiralstraße 1-2, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Kottbusser Tor
Südblock website

A lesbian cultural place in Berlin: Begine.

Being a lesbian in Motzstraße is taken for granted

I lived in Motzstraße in Berlin-Schöneberg for a long time. When I walked out the door with my girlfriend, hand-in-hand, past the Café Romeo and Romeo in the direction of Nollendorfplatz, it was simply a matter of course. Precisely because the area around Motzstraße and Nollendorfplatz is so openly gay, it's also a safe space for me where I don't have to worry about anything. It would be nice if there were more lesbian places there, for example a new café called ‘Juliet and Juliet!’ But then, the lesbian café, Begine, is not far away - you can get there on foot.

Romeo and Romeo
Motzstraße 20, 10777 Berlin-Schöneberg
U Nollendorfplatz
Romeo and Romeo website

Potsdamer Straße 139, 10783 Berlin-Schöneberg
U Bülowstraße
Begine website

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