5 Great Tips for LGBT Families in Berlin

Queer folks of all ages love Berlin. The city isn’t just suited for party and culturally interested gays but also has a lot to offer for LGBTQIA+ families. No matter whether the children or the parents (or both!) are queer – Berlin has plenty to see. Visiting a cozy café or a queer city festival, flying kites or petting donkeys – we have five great tips for everyone coming with kit and caboodle and wanting to have a really good time. If you don’t have kids, just grab your chosen family and enjoy!

Savor pizza, rowing, animals and drinks at Café am Neuen See

Café am Neuen See

In the middle of Tiergarten you will find Café am Neuen See, which lures in guests with its mix of rustic beer garden charm and high-end restaurant atmosphere. In summer, sitting outside with a delicious pizza is an absolute treat. Kids will particularly enjoy the lake Neuer See, which one can explore with rowing boats for rent in the café. Often you can see turtles and Mandarin ducks in the water. After tiring yourself out with rowing you can return to the café for a cool refreshment.

Café am Neuen See
Lichtensteinallee 2, 10787 Berlin-Tiergarten
Train station Tiergarten
Website Café am Neuen See

The street festival is an absolute must-see for queers of all ages.

LesBiSchwules Stadtfest – Lesbian, Bi, and Gay city festival

Every year, the Lesbian, Bi and Gay city festival in Berlin-Schöneberg offers music, food, information and community on 20.000 square meters around Nollendorfplatz. For children the Motzstraßenfest, as it is also called, is just as interesting as for their parents. Music invites dancing or listening while eating a delicious Bratwurst.

Lesbisch-schwules Stadtfest
Area around Motzstraße, Berlin-Schöneberg,
Metro station Nollendorfplatz
Website LesBiSchwules Stadtfest

Kids will love it: the children’s farm with a petting zoo.

Children’s farm at Mauerplatz

„We love animals and love the children’s farm at Mauerplatz” – a slightly altered version of the opening song of the well-known series “Süderhof.” For children who adore animals, the small petting zoo in Kreuzberg is a great place to visit. From guinea pigs to ducks and donkeys, this zoo offers a variety of cute four-legged friends. A bit of nature escape in the middle of the big city – guaranteed fun for kids and adults.

Kinderbauernhof am Mauerplatz e.V.
Adalbertstraße 71, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Metro station Kottbusser Tor
Website Kinderbauernhof am Mauerplatz e.V.

A piece of nature with a history in the middle of Berlin: the Drachenberg in Grunewald.

Kiteflying on Drachenberg

Opposite from the former surveillance station Teufelsberg lies Drachenberg, a hill made of wartime rubble from WWII. The hill is 99 meters high, exactly 280 steps. Having climbed those, the proud hiker can see a breathtaking view of Berlin. As the German name suggests – kites are literally “dragons” in German, Drachen – the neighboring hill of Teufelsberg is ideal for flying kites. It also lends itself to picnics. If the sun grows too strong, the nearby Teufelssee promises refreshment (and lots of queers!)

Kiteflying on Drachenberg
Drachenberg, Teufelsseechaussee, 14055 Berlin-Grunewald
Train station Heerstraße
Information on Drachenberg via berlin.de

Ideal für einen Ausflug: Die Gärten der Welt mit tollen verschiedenen Stilen.

Gärten der Welt

Ready for a little world trip without having to leave Berlin? Then the Gärten der Welt in Marzahn is the place to go. The gardens allow visitors to delve into eleven different worlds, from China, Korea and Bali to England and Italy to a garden built in the Islamic tradition. Architects from the represented regions built the gardens with great attention to detail. Next to breathtaking plant variety, there are also playgrounds, a wonderful tea house, and a ropeway that offers an idea of the vast size of the area.

Gärten der Welt
Blumberger Damm 44, 12685 Berlin-Marzahn
Bus station Blumberger Damm/Gärten der Welt
Website Gärten der Welt

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Words: Julian Beyer

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