The Five Best Drag Workshops in Berlin

Drag and Berlin – an inseparable pair. The city’s drag scene is incredibly multifaceted. Here, there aren’t just classical Glamour Drag Queens, but many others: Drag Kings, or Distorted Drags – artists carrying the caricature into the absurd. Behind the face, you find much more than just gay men, including women, other genders and straight men. The art of drag is open to everyone who wants to try out a new role and maybe even perform on stage. Newcomers will find a variety of workshops and courses in Berlin that offer a wonderful insight into different faces of drag: from makeup to sewing all the way to high heel classes. Our writer Frank Schröder has handpicked five courses for kings, queens and in-betweens.

Expression and precision: professional makeup skills

Drag Queen makeup workshop in a professional studio

The backbone of every drag persona is an expressive makeup look. A bit of lipstick here and some fake lashes there are just the start. To turn into a real drag character a bit of help from a professional is invaluable. No better place to go than the makeup school MUD Studio in Prenzlauer Berg. In their drag makeup workshop, you can learn everything: from foundation to contouring, from eyebrows to lip contour, all the way to the final styling of wig and outfit. The workshop can be booked in three sessions. The first session consists of makeup basics. The second continues with detailed work on eyes and lips; with the last session focusing on the completed look. Every session costs 149€ including makeup. At the end, you will emerge a fully-styled drag queen.

MUD Studio Berlin
Oderberger Str. 48, 10435 Berlin
Metro station Eberswalder Straße
Website MUD Studio Berlin

The time has come: Drag Kings are reconquering Berlin.

She’s The Man – the Drag King workshop

Not just Drag Queens love the spotlight –Drag Kings are claiming the stage as well. The two-day workshop “She’s The Man” by Stephanie Weber aka Hans Schwanz teaches the art of Drag Kinging in all its facets. This workshop doesn’t just focus on makeup and look but also touches on gender roles, male privileges and queer theory. Additionally to discussions of these topics, the workshop includes practical exercises on body language, facial expressions, posture and movement. Via video analysis, the participants can track their progress and even try “passing” in public. The right hairstyle, chest binding if wanted, makeup and outfit are of course also included. The finale of the workshop is a photoshoot with all participants in their finished Drag King looks.

She's The Man
Varying locations in and outside of Berlin
Stephanie Weber's website

No drag show without creative outfits! Josefina Coll helps with sewing and designing.

Sewing and upcycling course for the right outfit

Makeup is set, the energy is up, but you’re still missing the right fit? Drag performers look for a fiery performance. This means a special and individual outfit is vital! Many drag artists sew their own clothes, a skill you can of course learn in Berlin. Josefina Coll regularly teaches classes on how to sew outfits for special occasions like festivals and parties. These courses are also perfect for drag looks. Once a month Josefina opens the door of Project Glitter’s headquarters for a three-hour upcycling workshop, where one can learn how to make headpieces, kimonos, body jewelry, bikini tops, and more out of old materials. If you prefer to start with the basics, you can also book a beginner’s sewing class with Josefina.

Sewing and upcycling course
Forster Straße 57, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Metro station Görlitzer Bahnhof
Josefina's website

Queen of transformation: Hair and makeup artist Ellie Caballé

Drag hair and makeup: queen makeup workshop

Drag Queen Ellie offers private drag makeup workshops in Charlottenburg. She is a professional hair and makeup artist and has been transforming herself and others into spectacular drag queens for years. She has a lot of expertise to give: from makeup application to different products and special needs of drag makeup. Drag makeup has its very own brands and products that can differ from regular drugstore products. Ellie uses her knowledge and experience to help people’s very own drag fairy tale to come true.

Ellie Caballé
10587 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Ellie Caballé's Instagram

Walking on heels needs training and is a must-know for true drag artists!

High Heel Catwalk Workshop

Drag Queen Jazbazmaz is a real whirlwind and especially impressive in her sky-high heels. If you don’t want to start off your drag journey by breaking your ankles, her High Heel Catwalk Workshop is the place to learn the right skills. The workshop takes place regularly in different spaces, in summer also on Tempelhofer Feld – the perfect opportunity to try walking in front of an audience. Aside from the Heel Workshop, Jazbazmaz also offers other workshops as part of her Drag Energy Platform, an initiative focusing on empowering participants to light the fire of their inner drag persona – because everyone should feel inspired to be the most fantastic version of themselves!

High Heel Catwalk Workshop von Dragenergy
Varying locations in Berlin
Website Dragenergy

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Words: Frank Schröder

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