Ades Zabels favourite places around Mehringdamm


As a native Berliner, gay man, cabaret and travesty artist, Ades Zabel has been an integral part of Berlin's subculture since the 1980s. As a Berlin ambassador, in his video he takes us on a tour of the neighbourhood around Mehringdamm - whether it's a scene bar, cabaret theatre, market hall, queer cafe or alternative sex shop - Ades aka "Edith Schröder" that a lot is possible in Kreuzberg 61!

Come to Berlin and see for yourself its incredible diversity. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

BKA Theater:
Melitta Sundstroem:
Other Nature:
Marheineke Markthalle:

Protagonist: Ades Zabel aka "Edith Schröder"
Support: Julia Fendesack, Luisa Tunno, Roman Shamov
Director: Therese Koppe
Camera: Julia Geiß
Editor: Evelyn Rack
Producer: Nadja Brendel
Production: Special Media SDL GmbH / Siegessäule

Itaca - So Cantare

A big thank you for the kind support goes to BKA Theater, Rauschgold, Sexladen Other Nature and Marheineke Markthalle.

In the article Ades Zabel's Best Tips for Kreuzberg 61 you can find more tips from Ades Zabel for your Berlin visit.

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